other cool sites/sites I took inspo from!

disclaimer: I just think these sites look neat! if any of these sites are run by weird people, let me know!

Hey! Welcome to the personal website for kitifulnines, most commonly known as Chip!

I made this site as a way to put all of my stuff in one place. You can find basic info about myself, take a look at my work, see where else you can find me, and some other fun stuff! eventually.

Mind the god awful visuals, this is still a work in progress! I just wanted to get this up ASAP, so you're gonna have to deal with it for now, sorry, lol.

If you wanna find something specific, take a look at the sitemap below! vvv

Crossed out links won't do anything- it just means that there's nothing there yet!

graphics !!! :D

will put these in a separate page soon !

I am not always aware who made these graphics! if you know who made any of these and they're not linked properly, let me know!