About Me !!!

Chip / Nines / Broker

18 - all pronouns

hello !!! I'm chip, and I'm a queer cat that likes to make things and talk about my spinterests! :3

I'm autistic, so that of course influences a lot of the stuff I create. I love writing stories based loosely on my own experiences that others can hopefully relate to !

my goal is to one day be a game developer ! I don't have anything major released right now, but I do have plenty of ideas brewing in my silly lil mind !!! it's gonna be a LONG while before any of them fully come to fruition, tho. mostly because I wanna get through high school. praying for 2024 🤞

I only speak english as of right now, but I do understand a little bit of japanese and spanish, while learning some german and tagalog on the side. I also want to learn ASL !

Idk where else to really put these rn so here's all of my sonic graphics I yoinked from other sites, lol. if you know who made any of these and they're not linked, lemme know so I can credit them !!! and if u have any more gimme >:D