The Town: July 2023 Report

Date: 07/31/23

Hello! As promised, this is going to be The Town's progress report for this month. ^^

I unfortunately didn't get to do a whole lot that I could actually show you, but I'm still gonna show what I can.

Firstly, I take back what I said about being "content working on this on my own," as I decided to team up with my friend and honorary sibling, Eris Faye, to work on the music for this game.

Yes, The Town is going to have an original soundtrack.

Yes, I'm aware that it's probably not necessary. But after talking to Faye about it, I decided, "eh, why the hell not?" This is a project I'm working on purely for fun. I can do whatever I want. So here we are.

This isn't be the first time me and Faye have worked together. Back when I made my first game Jellyboy in 2021, I asked Faye to help with the music! And it turned out great, even if I kind of rushed it into the game last minute. ^^;

Faye is an incredibly talented composer. She releases her own music on YouTube as well as Spotify. I highly suggest checking them out! their work is amazing, so expect their name to come up in some other projects as well, not just The Town.

With that out of the way, let's go over a bit of the progress I've made, which keep in mind isn't a whole lot due to the last update being 2 weeks ago.

GUI Updates

First, let's go over what I have so far for GUI!

I changed the label for the time so that it looked nicer, and I also managed to add a weekday system! :D I got the script from this Roblox Dev Forum post if you're looking to do something similar.

The military time format I haven't yet "fixed." I can personally read it just fine, so it hasn't been a top priority, but I think I found a script that goes over how to do it that I'll try out later. I'm thinking of adding an option in the settings menu that lets you switch it back if you prefer military time. But by default it's going to have the AM/PM format.

In case I haven't mentioned it, the reason the date is important is because each character is going to have their own schedule, and their routine will be different depending on the time and day. An example of this (with character info and the activites themselves removed) is below.

There's also a lil menu button in the bottom left corner. Clicking this will expand it to show MORE menu options. This is to prevent clutter.

These menus will have things like settings, newsboards, and a map. Just for the sake of convenience.

Oh, and you can see the currently playing song in the bottom right. This will be hidden if you have music off. After all, everything's muted, so you don't really need to know what song is playing unless you're actively listening to it. The music I have there right now is just placeholder until Faye finishes the tracks.

One last thing...

...I finally made the new dialogue GUI.

It shouldn't have taken me this long to get around to making it, but it's here now, so whatever.

I'm having trouble with the padding between the response buttons working the way I want them to? But I'm sure I can find a solution to that eventually. Or I'll just live with it for now. Who knows. I'm so tired, man.

Character Designs

I've been working on the designs for Dee and Jay, but I have a really hard time pushing through art block, so I only have Dee's sketch to show you right now.

To make up for it, here's some old concept art!

To summarize on their roles, they operate a club known as Dee & Jay's. Dee is the bartender, while Jay is the DJ.

I didn't think that far ahead when deciding to use my regular art style for the character refs, so they might end up looking a bit odd once they're finished since I don't want to go through the trouble of changing styles now, pfft. They're supposed to be more like standard roblox characters. But it looks fine right now so it should be fine I think. I don't know. I'm just going with the flow.

It's probably incredibly obvious, but their names are puns. Fun fact! It originally just Jay. But when I chose his name and occupation, I thought "nah he needs someone to match with" and that's how Dee was born. So despite technically being created first, he's still the younger twin. I just realized that.

That's kind of all I have, unfortunately. I wanted to have more to show, but I've been really wrapped up in personal matters as of late, and I'm constantly in a battle against burnout, so I apologize. 🙇‍

There's still PLENTY of stuff I'm working on behind the scenes, however! I have a Trello board to organize my tasks, so that's at least helped in terms of knowing exactly what I have to do. Here's a lil peek at it.

Progress may slow down from here for a while due to what I just mentioned, but I'm always doing what I can the best I can. That's kind of all we can really do in general, y'know?

One last reminder to join my Discord, take care of yourself, and have a good one. 👋