first post teehee

Date: 07/13/2023

hello hello hello!!!! finally got around to making this blog thing. it's super ugly, just like the rest of the site, but it gets the job done!

I want to apologize once again for how the website looks. between home, hanging out w/ my gf, and working on my personal projects, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it :')

I DID really want to make a blog, though. I think having smth like this will give me a place to scream into the void without having to worry about social media attention, and also an easy spot to store updates on stuff. you'll probably see on ur left a "personal ramblings" tab. that's where these lil silly posts will go. I just kinda talk abt whatever comes to mind, with no real structure or flow. just one thought after the other.

there won't be any proper grammar either, lol. I'll just be talking like my usual self in these personal posts. HOWEVER!!! I plan to share devlogs here too! those will probably be a lil more professional looking. with capitalization and little abbreviations or slang.

in regards to the devlogs, I have one project that I'm devoting most of my time to rn. it's a roblox game. I've talked abt it on my discord (please join it btw) and I should be writing post on it soon after this one. I plan on doing reports at the end of each month just so y'all know how it's going. so if all goes well, the first one should come out in a couple weeks! yippee!!!!

I really do want to do something about the website's visuals, I do. my eyes hurt looking at it sometimes. I get it. I have been toying around with html quite a bit since first launching the site and have learned a lot more abt how to use it and making things look pretty, so hopefully I'll do it eventually. Idk when, tho, bc executive dysfunction is a BITCH.

Idk how to finish this off so uhhhhhhhhhh bye